Enjoy a specifically designed training programme to meet your needs and requirements. With your aims and objectives discussed and knowledge of how your body is operating, this progressive programme will minimise risk of injury and maximise your results.

NW Fitness will motivate you to successfully achieve the goals we have outlined together in the consultation. You will receive a progressive training programme tailored to suit your lifestyle and medical needs. This will be designed to maximise your results and minimise your risk of injury and be conducted from your own home!

Sessions will be varied, challenging and delivered in an enjoyable manner as we put you through your paces with different disciplines such as weight training, high-intensity training, kettlebells and boxing sessions.

NW Fitness will provide an educational service to clients to help you create a sustainable lifestyle that you can maintain. We want you to feel comfortable and stick to the plan. Yo-yo weight loss and inconsistent training patterns will become a thing of the past as you learn to live a healthy lifestyle that you can adhere to.

Accountability is on our shoulders and we will strive to ensure you receive the expertise, support and motivation you need to achieve success and body confidence!