Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, you can contact me on them all! I will be available for any questions, queries or any fitness related advice you seek. Educating clients to a healthier way of living is an important goal of mine and something I want to help you with. Your success is my success!

If you are not local to the locations NW Fitness works from then do not be downbeat, we offer an online coaching service!

Whether you train in your own home, local parks or at your local gym we design training programmes and nutrition plans tailored to suit your lifestyle needs. Wherever you are in the world keep in contact via email and we will track your journey through measurements and motivational progress pictures.

One-off nutrition plan

NW Fitness offers this one-off package in which you will be accurately assessed for your goals and needs and a bespoke nutrition plan created. All plans are sent to you via email and include everything you need to successfully change your nutritional intake, your habits and ultimately know how to succeed with your goals. Once you receive your nutrition plan you will then have four weeks of follow-up support via email to enable long-term adherence and success!

One-off nutrition plan with four-week training programme

In addition to the one-off nutrition plan you will be assessed for a training programme using the facilities that you have at your disposal. You will receive this at the same time as your nutrition programme so you can start both at the same time. Everything is built to your exact needs, the gym you use, the equipment that you have and your ability level. A programme that encompasses both nutrition and exercise change is a winning combination!

One-off nutrition plan with 12-week training programme

This service is similar to the above option, however, NW Fitness offers a 12 week progressive and phased training programme allowing you to think and commit to a longer journey towards your goal!