Nick – Owner

“Being a personal trainer is more than just a job to me; it is my passion, my love, and my life

I’ve been dedicated to health and fitness from a very young age, playing every kind of sport I could possibly try. I then found the gym aged 16 and the feeling of working out and embracing a healthy lifestyle appealed to me. I knew the field I wanted to work in and I focused my attention and my studies towards that end goal. I graduated from Loughborough University with a sports degree and soon found myself a job in a gym. It was here that I learned my trade, observing other trainers, studying how members worked out and where they could improve. In all areas of life, I believe in learning from people who have already been there, done it, and who can add benefit to my training style.

 In 2011 after four years of experience within gyms, I was ready and motivated to run my own personal training company. Since then I have overseen, delivered, and experienced fantastic results with clients through a mentality of creating a sustainable lifestyle that clients can adhere to for the longer term. No quick fixes or shortcuts that will see clients pile the fat that they have lost back on again, simply because they couldn’t handle the lifestyle that was expected of them. In the initial consultation, we discuss lifestyle factors, stressors, and any barriers to success and ultimate satisfaction! My training methods have matured, I have developed skills over the years and I always pride myself on being personable and my motivation for clients to succeed shines through.

Training is a huge part of my life. I inherited genes that made me the skinny kid at school who could never put on weight but years of weight training mixed with learning what foods, proportions, and timings of meals suited my metabolism, have led me to create a much stronger, healthier body that I’m happy with… but I’m always looking to improve!

I don’t believe in pounding the treadmill for hours on end or just eating rabbit food. NW Fitness clients lift weights, eat healthily for their body type and allow themselves moments of controlled indulgence that they have earned. The psychological benefits far outweigh the moment of indulgence. This has proven to be a recipe for success.”