Date: (TBC)

Time: (TBC)

Location: Millennium Fields, Somersham

Price: (TBC)

Our Change for Life Bootcamp in partnership with MG Fitness has proved to be a great success. With a focus on enjoyment, we provide a circuit training session with a mixture of activities and equipment for a fun and functional workout.

Why would you attend? 

We could all be in agreement that achieving a fitness goal can be difficult. It requires the right combination of diet, training, and steadfast discipline to help you achieve whatever goal that might be whether that be losing weight or building muscle. Our Boot camps are designed to be fun, energetic, and motivating combining a number of different training methods to test your body in a safe and enjoyable way.

Our boot camps could help you…

  • Stay motivated towards a goal
  • Enjoy working as part of a team
  • Experience new forms of training
  • Build upon existing fitness

Both our trainers are experienced and trained professionals with over 10 years of experience between them both. They will provide safe and knowledge-based training sessions which will vary each week but keep to core principles of training to deliver workouts that deliver results while staying interesting.


Each Change for Life Bootcamp takes place at [LOCATION] every [DAY]. All sessions run from [TIME] and last approximately [TIME]. Open to both men and women, we employ different exercises and training methods to test your body and always keep it guessing! By doing this, we can promise training sessions that will be challenging yet fun. We use tires, sledgehammers, battle ropes, and more to give your body a true test!

If you would like to attend our Change for Life boot camps, you can either turn up or call 07793141609 and let us know your coming!