With so many fitness wearables on the market, it can be hard to find the right one that suits you and your needs. Everyone is different and we want different things from our fitness wearables. We also all have a different budget too. In this blog we talk about 6 of the most popular fitness wearables on the market from 3 main suppliers; Fitbit, Garmin, and Polar.


Fitbit Inspire – £89.99

The Fitbit Inspire offers friendly guidance and serious motivation to help the user build healthy habits. This fitness wearable will help you reach your weight and fitness goals. It tracks your activity and sleep, is water-resistant up to 50m, and has a battery life of 5 days. Any exercising that you do will be recognised and tracked automatically.

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Fitbit Versa – £199.99

The Fitbit Versa is a health and fitness smartwatch with built-in Amazon Alexa. It tracks your heart rate, sleeps score, and real-time pace and distance. You can manage your music, all your favorite apps, check the weather, set timers and check all your smartphone notifications. The Fitbit Versa has a 6+ day battery life, is water-resistant, and even offers guided breathing sessions, menstrual health tracking, and personalized reminders. This fitness wearable comes with a premium design and looks stunning.

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Garmin Fenix – £299.99

The Garmin Fenix is the premium multisport GPS smartwatch for those who strive to push their limits. This smartwatch has won ‘Best in Test from Trek & Mountain as well as Product of the Month’ in 2013 by Outdoor Fitness. Unlike other wearable fitness technology, the Garmin Fenix can last for weeks on a single charge. It has been developed with professional mountain guides and is designed with serious expeditions and outdoor enthusiasts in mind.

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Garmin Instinct – £269.99

The Garmin Instinct has been made with endurance in mind. It is a rugged GPS watch that has been built to withstand the elements with military standard toughness. The multi-GNSS satellite support and outdoor sensors enable you to navigate with ease and the watch supports you in training smarter too. Users of the Garmin Instinct have the ability to map, track, sync, and share their trek from anywhere. In smartwatch mode the battery of the Garmin Instinct with last up to 14 days.

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Polar Unite – £134.50

The Polar Unite is a waterproof fitness watch with a maximum battery life of up to 4 days. This watch allows monitors your heart rate, counts steps, tracks your sleep, counts calories, monitor your stress levels and recovery time too. It is a well-rounded and ultra-light fitness wearable that allows you to sleep better and train smarter.

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Polar Grit – £379.00

The Polar Grit has passed several Military Standard 810G tests including extreme temperatures, drop, and humidity. This smartwatch weighs just 64g making it one of the lightest outdoor multisport smartwatches on the market. It has a battery life of 40 hours in training mode or up to 7 days when in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking.

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These are just 6 of the wearable fitness products on the market, from three of the better-known brands. Which fitness wearable suits you and your needs? We would love to hear about your favorite wearable fitness product.