Though the secret to immortality has yet to be uncovered, there are things you can do to extend the length and quality of your life. Studies have shown that those who adopt health-focused lifestyle habits live longer and better lives than those who don’t. Things such as dieting, exercising, and reducing stress can reduce a person’s risk of many life-threatening illnesses, improve their mood, and adds years back to their life. Want to know how you can feel younger than you look? Here are some daily habits to start today.


Balanced diet

There are a few things to consider when managing your eating to improve your health. While what you eat is important, how much you eat is just as, if not more important. A balanced, healthy diet involves giving your body as much nutrition as possible, while also allowing yourself treats every now and again. Restricting yourself too much can be counterintuitive because you may crave these foods leading to overindulgence later on! That said, reducing salt, fat and processed foods in your diet is a great step forward.


Get Moving

If you have a desk job, or a job that is sedentary then there could be serious consequences to your physical health. Sitting is thought to be as bad as smoking and considering we are designed to move, it makes perfect sense. You would be surprised at how positive an impact even the smallest amounts of exercise can have on your well-being. While I would advise more intense forms of exercise, many people tend to steer clear of the gym or grueling exercises, but there are other ways to get active. Walk, run, swim, play a sport, or dance, just make sure you’re moving. Exercise helps to release toxins from the body, improve your mood, and help you to maintain a healthy weight which prevents weight-related illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure.


Ditch the Vices

While the odd drink and enjoyable night out is okay, using drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms will eventually catch up with you. Those who abuse drugs and alcohol can experience everything from moodiness and the inability to concentrate to a weakened immune system and even death.


Challenge Yourself Mentally

Your brain is an extremely powerful tool and like your body, it needs to be stimulated. The old saying ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’ applies to your mind as well as your body. To help keep your mind sharp, and ward off diseases such as Alzheimer’s, I’d recommend you find little ways to keep your mind stimulated on a daily basis. You can read a book or blog, watch a documentary or news channel, complete a puzzle, play a puzzle game online, or visit a museum and look at sculptures and artwork. The idea is to keep expanding the mind to keep your mental muscles in shape.


Kick Stress To The Curb

Did you know that stressing too much can cause your heart to work overtime? Or were you aware that stress can lead to early aging? Though stress is a normal response to intense circumstances, too much of it isn’t good for your health. Kick stress to the curb by identifying your stressors and taking measures to remove yourself from them or reduce the burden. For instance, if you’re stress about your finances creating a budget and getting out of debt would help to ease the frustration. If you are stress about your relationship, perhaps taking a break and focusing on self-love would do the trick.


Smile More, Do More

Happiness is truly the key to longevity. Learning how to keep your inner peace despite what may be going on in your life or the world around you can increase your lifespan by years. Every day, find a way to make yourself smile. Whether it’s by watching a comedy show, playing around with your children, or reading a funny book, just learn to lighten up and enjoy life. More importantly, the world is too big to remain stagnant, get out and explore. Travel, spend time with friends and family, and create experiences that make life worth living.


Science may not yet be advanced enough to keep the population alive forever, but there is enough research out there that can help you live the longest and happiest life possible. Life is short, and wasting years by drinking alcohol, sitting around, remaining in isolation, stressing all the time, and whatever else you may be doing, is pointless. Try to remember these tips provided above and apply them to your life. As you create these healthy habits, you’ll find that you feel more energized, youthful, and happier than you’ve been in years.