Toni Clarkson

“Huuuuuuuuuuge thank you for the last 3 weeks of sessions, I’ve totally enjoyed them and looked forward to them and left on a high each and every time. What I’ve most appreciated is your combination of positivity, honesty, professional expertise and sense of fun. Your positivity has helped me to really believe I can keep getting my PBs; your honesty has ensured my technique is the best I can make it , and has also meant that I believe and get motivated by your praise as I know it is genuine; your professional expertise has meant you have really expanded my knowledge and allowed me to develop total trust, so that I will happily do what you ask me to do without concern for your judgement! It has also meant that I’ve pushed myself as hard as I can and your sense of fun has allowed me to have a laugh and really enjoy myself whilst exercising. So I’ve come away from sessions with a huge sense of achievement and also a smile on my face. “