Toni Clarkson

“Huuuuuuuuuuge thank you for the last 3 weeks of sessions, I’ve totally enjoyed them and looked forward to them and left on a high each and every time. What I’ve most appreciated is your combination of positivity, honesty, professional expertise, and sense of fun. Your positivity has helped me to really believe I can keep getting my PBs; your honesty has ensured my technique is the best I can make it and has also meant that I believe and get motivated by your praise as I know it is genuine; your professional expertise has meant you have really expanded my knowledge and allowed me to develop total trust so that I will happily do what you ask me to do without concern for your judgment! It has also meant that I’ve pushed myself as hard as I can and your sense of fun has allowed me to have a laugh and really enjoy myself whilst exercising. So I’ve come away from sessions with a huge sense of achievement and also a smile on my face. “



Tara Ward

“I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes!  I originally started training with Nick 16 months ago. My main goals were to lose weight, increase my upper body strength and improve my fitness levels. All of these goals have been achieved. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, the definition in my upper body has really improved and my fitness levels have increased massively. I continue to have personal training with Nick because I really enjoy it and I would never be able to push myself as hard as he pushes me! The training never gets boring, it is different each time and I’m always completely exhausted (but happy) by the end of each session. Nick is a very professional, reliable, and friendly person. I couldn’t recommend him enough.”



Maddy Bridge

”Going to the gym as an amateur can be daunting, but I am now addicted to seeing my results. Working with Nick allows me to push myself to my limits, hitting new personal bests, and seeing my strength soar consistently over the weeks and months. Minus leg day, he is a pleasure to train with – enthusiastic, passionate and motivating. The time and effort he places into each client, getting to know them both personally and professionally, and helping to improve their lifestyles, are key to why he gets such great results. His thorough approach to measuring progress and setting goals helps keep me motivated, and I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge – and lost a load of fat! – since training with him!”



Pip Davis

“I strongly recommend NW Fitness for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and change their body. I started out with a short-term aim of getting in shape for my wedding. I was overweight and not happy with how I would look in the photos. Through working closely with Nick I achieved my short-term aim of being confident in my appearance however the more pleasing factor for me has been the lifestyle changes I have made. I could not imagine going back to my old ways as a consequence. I feel this has been a result of the variety Nick has provided with my weekly training program and the motivation he gives.

I am not one for the gym environment and am more of an outdoors type of person, this has been no problem for Nick and he has shown flexibility and care to work around my needs and requests. As a result of this, I always get the feeling Nick is in this for me!”



 Elaine Thompson

“After returning from holiday this year I finally decided to put words into action and get fit after 14 years of being sedentary. My husband recommended Nick after seeing the success that another member of his network group had had with Nick.

It was the day my life changed.

After my initial assessment, the true facts about how overweight and unfit I was were laid bare and the challenge was on to change. Nick looked at my diet and gave me advice on how to improve it. My first full month of training has put me through my paces but I am feeling more healthy, have more energy, and don’t feel hungry at all.

Nick balances the ability to build great relationships and maintain control and discipline within each session which I need to ensure I stay on track. He has instilled in me the self-motivation to succeed and I now believe I can have a healthy relationship with food and exercise alike. I now find exercising fun and look forward to our weekly sessions. I am seeing results both mentally and physically and so are other people around me. Tonight I took delivery of a new pair of jeans which are one trouser size smaller than I would have ordered a month ago and “yes” they fit!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick to help you improve your fitness and dietary habits.”



Tracey Stokes

“Great Personality.  I’m a 50-year-old woman who wanted to tone up and lose some body fat after not having exercised for about 9 months. Nick is very motivational as a personal trainer and sets realistic graded targets, with variety in the routine. He has a good personality for the job, friendly and not intimidating but determined. He is also well organized and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.”



Colin Wiltsher

“Awesome PT! Nick is a great personal trainer. Great knowledge for someone so young he is always learning the newest techniques. He has used different circuits and routines that keep you challenging yourself and stop you from getting bored. Nick always works you hard and makes you feel like you are getting your money’s worth. With training with Nick for 3 months, I lost over 21lbs in weight and for this I love him! I would definitely recommend him to anyone with no hesitation.”



Si Goodchild

“Nick at NW Fitness has been superb. He offers bespoke training to suit each and every different client’s needs. Thoroughly professional and will push you for that extra repetition but with a relaxed approach to make you feel at ease too. Highly recommended. “



Kirsty Mackie

“Nick is an amazing PT! I never thought I would ever love the gym I genuinely look forward to going! Highly recommend!!”



Camille Hawkes

“I started PTing with Nick 12 weeks ago; carrying a little excess baby weight, unmotivated and pretty unhappy. In such a short time I’m stronger, more toned and my body fat % is well within ‘lean’. Nick is knowledgeable and supportive and his sessions are good fun; I always look forward to training with him. He has a knack for knowing when I’m genuinely tired and need to rest and when he can push me a little bit more. I am looking forward to a summer feeling genuinely content with my body, and I never thought I’d be able to say that. Thank you, Nick!”



Mark Harris

“Quick shout out to Nick, I have been under his guidance since last March and never thought in a million years I would be in the shape I am in now.

He has sorted my nutrition out and pushed me in everything I do at the gym”