A fitness coach combines the systematic coaching process, personal training, and fitness instruction to empower clients. The service of a fitness coach enables and encourages a client to develop a fit lifestyle as well as giving them the knowledge and ability to love a self-confident lifestyle in a fit and healthy way.

So, what does an online fitness coach do? All that, but virtually!

An online fitness coach is a brilliant support partner to improve your fitness levels, especially at times like this. Because all the fitness coaching is done virtually and online there are no interruptions from various lockdowns and government regulation changes. There is nothing worse than getting into a routine with your fitness coach in a gym, then it all goes on hold when lockdowns come in and the gyms close. But that’s never a worry when you work with an online fitness coach.

A fitness coach can help you in many different ways. They just do so much more, which means you can be helped in so many more ways.

For example, a personal trainer provides incredible in the gym and helps you make the most of your workout when you have a session with them. However, an online fitness coach helps you do more and reach further with your fitness. Fitness coaches provide the same services as personal trainers in the gym with regards to your workout. Obviously, an online fitness coach can go that bit further and support you with a gym workout, home workout, or outdoor workout for example.

However, as a fitness coach, I take your workout further. I help you achieve your fitness goals by encompassing the hours outside the gym and outside your booked sessions. I work with you to build a personal relationship with you. Together, we will work to set and reach goals around areas of mental health, physical health, and social health.

An online fitness coach will help you by holding you accountable. Your online fitness coach will help you move forward with your fitness, even at the most trying times – like lockdown and the upcoming Christmas holidays!

If you’d like to know more about how an online fitness coach could help you, give me a call. I will happily chat with you about your fitness levels, your goals, and your fitness routine. Together, we can help you become the fit and healthy person you dream of.