Winter is now looming and with it cold weather, rain, wind, and dark mornings make you want to stay in bed. Despite the fact you’re most likely highly determined, enthusiastic, and sincere towards your fitness goals and aims, maintaining your motivation levels for the coming months is still going to be a challenge.

Despite the chilling temperatures and minimal daylight, you can still keep your motivation levels high, and dare we say it, still enjoy exercise! Yes, it may be tough to leave your warm and comfortable bed to go for a run at 7 am on a Saturday morning but keeping your fitness routine on track is as important in the winter as during summer.


Importance of motivation throughout the winter

Two important factors play a role in keeping your motivation during winter. The first is your goal and the second one is the awareness of the positive effects that your actions will leave on your entire life. Remembering both of these things is a good start and can help keep you enthusiastic during winter. To help, we’ve come up with the following creative ideas that will keep you energetic and motivated throughout the winter season.

  1. Get an exercise buddy

Exercising with a friend is a better option than exercising alone. By wanting to fulfill your commitment and not let someone down you’ll be less likely to cancel the workout and your partner may also be able to help encourage you.

  1. Turn exercise into fun-loving activity

Instead of opting for the traditional forms of exercise, try something out of the box. Go to a dance class, get enrolled in ice skating, or try hiking. Within an hour, you can burn 450 to 600 calories, it’s a good deal! A new form of exercise will help keep things fresh and interesting.

  1. Treat yourself

Whilst we wouldn’t normally advocate this, giving yourself a treat could prove a great way to stay on form. For the shopaholics out there, why not treat yourself to some new kit to help keep you warm? A new gadget or toy could also help. Whilst only a short-term fix, it could be just what you need.

  1. Identify the benefits

Whenever you feel that your energy levels and motivation are low, think about the positive effects of exercising. When you stay focused on the long-term benefits of exercise, you won’t abandon the routine.

  1. Sign up for a group class

Group classes can more encourage and motivating than individual classes. You’ll meet new people – improving your social circle – and may have the luxury of exercising indoors.

  1. Download a fitness app

Technology is making our life easier and easier. There are hundreds of fitness apps now available that are fantastic at providing you inspiration and effective tips to stay motivated throughout the winter. Many have challenges and great forums for you to compete with others and get social. For all the fitness fans, Cody is a social media platform offering a variety of workouts, chitchat with fellow fans, asking for tips and advice for proceeding towards the next session.

  1. Keep the Music playlist ready!

Do you know that working out while playing music can burn 15% more calories than exercising without music? Create your own playlist and plan your favorite workouts accordingly. Spend some quality and uninterrupted time with your favorite tunes during exercise to get optimal benefits.

  1. Maintain a diary

Maintaining a diary of your workout can encourage you and boost your motivation. Along with recording the workout’s intensity and duration, you can also write your feelings whilst exercising and any improvements. This idea is superb for those who have busy lives and take exercise for granted.


In a nutshell

Engaging in physical activity is not confined to weeks, months or years, but should be part of your lifestyle.  Similarly, exercising in winters is not a difficult task! All you need is a will to live ill-free life.