The great thing about a virtual personal trainer is that you get all the benefits of an in-person personal trainer, but virtually. Whatever your fitness goals and aims, your virtual personal trainer will help you reach them.

The difference between using a fitness workout app and a virtual personal trainer is the programs. When you sign up for a workout app you get sent standard programs that are sent to all the people that want to lose weight, bulk up, grow in strength, or increase flexibility for example.

However, when you use a virtual personal trainer, they will create a personalized service for you. They will create programs and recommendations based on your fitness levels, your preferences, your goals, past performances, and what you enjoy doing. There is no point in setting you a program of exercises you hate. This means you won’t enjoy the program and be more likely to quit.

Another benefit of a virtual personal trainer is that it’s more flexible. You can choose the times that you log-in and work out. You haven’t got to wait until the gym is open, you can work out at home. Maybe you have an early meeting and want to work out beforehand? That’s fine! Alternatively, you might have had a long day and fancy a workout to destress your mind late at night – again, no problem with a virtual personal trainer. You can fit in your workouts when you want.

You can also book your sessions with your personal trainer at times that suit you. You don’t need to meet during the gym opening times. You can report back to your personal trainer and pre-arranged times set by you. Perhaps you work funny shifts or are managing tricky childcare. That’s fine. You can book a Monday morning one week, per-book the Wednesday afternoon the next week, and a Tuesday evening the week after. These virtual check-ins with your personal trainer will help you improve your program and make it ideal for you, your body, and your fitness goals.

If you’re new to exercise or experiencing self-confidence issues, a virtual personal trainer could be the ideal solution for you. You can find out the exercises you like and get better at them. Your fitness levels will improve, and this will help boost your confidence too. Then if you fancy trying an in-person personal trainer in a gym in the future, you’ll feel like you can.

During these uncertain times with government regulation changes and lockdowns, a virtual personal trainer is a perfect solution for your fitness goals. Call me now to find out more.